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The Ramsey Report

As was previously reported, the Courts have been shut down to a large degree and the Courthouse has been closed to foot traffic. Like the ot…

4th of July celebrations

The 4th of July celebration at Weldon, our neighbor town on the south, was hoodooed by the damp disagreeable day, Monday July 5th. However, …

Letter to the editor

As a frontline worker in a rural Iowa hospital, I have seen firsthand the necessity of ensuring access to medical care for all Iowan’s, and …

May Baskets

The tradition of hanging May Baskets originated in England as part of the witchcraft practice in the middle ages.

The first television set

Memories of first television by several members Clarke Class of 1962. “I remember a repairman coming…

Bake and save

When I first set out to make my own bread, I wasn’t sure what it would cost. My main objective was to improve our overall nutrition intake a…
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