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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Just a short note of thanks and kudos to the person, or individuals who were responsible for the front page article in the May 30, 2019 edition of the Osceola Sentinel Tribune entitled “CCP Efforts Review”. What a well thought out, well worded and most informative essay. If even half of the comments and information regarding school Superintendent Seid are accurate, then most certainly Mr. Seid has much to answer and atone for, to the School Board, to the taxpayers who foot the bill for his salary and to all the students and parents of the entire Clarke Community School system.

Well done, nay, a very well done to the Concerned Clarke Parents (CCP) organization. Bucking and addressing incompetence and detachment from within entrenched organizational authority is always a daunting task and never an easy row to hoe. You are on the right track, stay the course and don’t lose your focus. Please continue to hold Superintended Seid’s feet right up close to the fire, maybe even let them touch the flames from time to time.

Truth and honesty always win out in these situations as there is never any effective rebuttal to truth and honesty. I bow to you all and praise your efforts, keep up the good work. Perhaps some of the less active members of the general public might forgo an evening of relaxation, reality TV, social media and online gamin long enough to go to the next school board meeting and support these good and dedicated folks who are giving of their precious time, energy and resources for the betterment of all. Again I say thank you to you all Concerned Clarke Parents.

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