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Dear residents of Clarke County, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a candidate running for the position of District 1 Supervisor. I have known Tom for 35 years and find him to be a caring, compassionate, intelligent man, willing to listen to all sides of an issue. Tom has lived in Clarke County for 62 years and has spent the last 38 years working in the automotive field. The majority of those 38 years have been spent co-owning and successfully operating his own business with his business partner John, known as Tom and John’s Automotive. While having the opportunity to serve the community, Tom has learned how to work hard, be fair with customers, be honest, be a good listener, and a problem solver. Tom is an average everyday hard worker that has a desire to serve the people of Clarke County. I am confident that if Tom brings even a portion of the traits he has acquired by owning and operating his own successful business to the Supervisor positon, it will result in a positive impact for Clarke County.Tom is ready to serve the citizens of Clarke County.As his son, I couldn’t be more proud to ask you to join me in voting for my dad, Tom Patterson as the Clarke County Republican candidate in the upcoming June 5 primary election for the position of District 1 Supervisor.

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